Wholesale Dehydrated Onion

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Sliced, Kibbled, Diced, Chopped, Minced, Granulated, Powder, Fried
Origin: USA, India, Egypt

Wholesale Bulk Onion processed in GMP certified plants, Non-GMO and Allergen free. Bulk Onion available in Powder, Minced, Granulated, Chopped, Kibbled and Flakes.

Buy Bulk Dehydrated Onion Today

Onions are known for their distinct flavor and have well-documented health benefits. Purchase high-quality wholesale dehydrated onion from Golden Bay Traders today and reap the benefits of adding this vegetable to your food products. We serve clients in the food industry all over the U.S. and Canada.

Improve the Taste and Quality of Food

Onions contain high levels of antioxidants and sulfur compounds, which gives onions their sharp, tasty flavor. They are a staple in many types of cuisine and can add delicious, healthful flavoring to many dishes. If you work with recipes that call for onions, Golden Bay Traders can provide you with dehydrated onions that you can easily use in your manufacturing process.

We source our onions from all over the world and we chose onions for their quality and sustainability. They are also kosher and BRC certified, as well as rigorously tested for bacteria by accredited 3rd party labs, so you can take confidence in the quality of our products.

At Golden Bay Traders, our goal is to provide the food industry with the best dehydrated vegetables, vanilla, spices, and herbs at competitive prices. We take great pride in the quality of our products and services. Contact us to learn more or to get a quote for your wholesale dehydrated onion today.