About Us

About Us

Bulk Spices, Garlic, Herbs & Vanilla

GBT a one stop shop for full range of premium quality ingredients, spices, herbs, seasoning and vanilla products for food manufacturers and foodservice industries.
GBT is committed to providing the quality ingredients and traceability starting all the way from farm level.
Our main focus is to provide customers a full Value-added benefit Package of Cost savings, Superior Quality and Responsibility.

Our Core Values

1. Value Added Benefits
  • Competitive Prices!

Premium quality products and competitive prices.
We run a special global market forecasting and crop reporting program with our international suppliers. That enables us to procure ingredients at the right time and right quality. And we our customers ultimately benefits to that.

  • Spot & Contract Purchasing: We offer both spot and contract purchasing.
  • Flexible Credit Terms:  Flexible payment terms offered. Let’s hear your needs.
  • Nationwide Warehousing: Chicago, Seattle, California, NJ and Texas Warehousing facilities.
  • Document Management TraceGain: Online Customer Documents management portal with nationally recognized software company Tracegains.
  • Shipment Status Notifications: Customer Pre-order shipment notification portal.

Online Bulk Ordering: Coming Soon

2. Product Purity & Quality Control process

We follow FDA/ USDA food safety and ASTA quality control guidelines. And we stand behind our product’s purity.

  • Certified & Qualified Manufacturers: Our manufacturing partners are 3rd party audited with BRC or FSSC level bodies and kosher certified. And they go through our proper vendor approval process.
  • Lab Testing: All Products are tested to ensure the required pathogens level, from U.S based 3rd party labs.
  • Audits: On site audits and globally recognized 3rd party services for Audits.
  • Treatment Options: with Ethanol Oxide (ETO), Steam Sterilization and or Irradiation.

GBT Guarantee
We provide entire product traceability and guarantee No adulteration, Pesticides free, Non-GMO, allergen free and the integrity of purity has been kept. from farming to processing and packing.

3. Global supply chain Network

It all starts with a proficient Ingredient Procurement strategy.

We manage a Global Supply Chain Network with Domestic & International manufacturing partners, who fully aligned with our value benefit package goal.

Our manufacturing partners from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America.

Domestic Manufacturing Partners: 

We manage long term relationships with domestic manufacturing partners from product cleaning, processing, sifting, milling and product performing tastings.